Thursday, January 22, 2015

Red Line Graph...Non-Showdown Winnings

Something I used to check back in my previous poker play ONLINE was my Non-showdown winnings...or as PokerTracker calls it...Red Line graph.  I was always negative in this category in the past and never really understood how to make a positive change to the graph.

Through my last 5000 hands I am just slightly profitable for my Red Line but all of the profits have come in the last 1000 hands.  Probably running above expectation but I hope to stay profitable or breakeven in the Red Line category.  My Showdown winnings are always very good and if I minimize or eliminate losses in non-showdown situations then I will be way ahead of the game.

Non-showdown winnings are situations where the winning hand doesn't have to be shown because yourself or the opponent didn't finish the hand through the river.   A few examples would be...

  • PF raise and getting no callers
  • PF Raise...get caller(s).  CBet after flop and get no callers
  • 3Bet a  PF raise and get no callers....etc.

I'll continue to watch this statistic as it will definitely lead to better profits for my game.  

My profits for the month of January are $493.02 through 2564 hands with a winrate of 49.43 BB/100 hands.  49.43 at 100nl is $49.43 per 100 hands and I have played 184 hands/hour this month for 13.9 hours. This winrate is not sustainable for a long period of time but it sure would be nice!  I hope to reach a total bankroll of $800 to $900 and take a few shots at 200nl.  Once I land firmly at 200nl I plan to stay there until my bankroll gets much deeper (prob 20-25 buyins - $4000-$5000)   There is a big difference between 200nl and 400nl...especially on ACR.

Total Online Bankroll ... $632.54


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Twitch TV

Discovered a pretty cool site for watching some online poker.  Most are pretty random dudes playing low stakes tournaments and a few cash guys, but I did find one that usually streams live for 6-8 hours a day on Monday-Friday.  He's a PRO from Atlanta named Joel Patchell...JPATCHE on  Most that are streaming are online GAMERS playing their various online games.  Poker players have caught over the last year or so and people will actually donate to help their cause...weird!

Anyway, jpatche plays 1000nl and 2000nl (4 tables) online at Bovada which keeps their players anonymous.  He uses a HUD but with anonymous players it only tracks for each session as being played.  He gives some good commentary and you can chat with him as he plays.  He has over 150 viewers as I watched him play on Monday.

Another entertaining streamer is the now notorious StickyRice who ran $2000 into $40,000 in one night on Bovada.  He streamed the entire run and you can watch at the link below...

Check out when you have a chance...pretty neat!

Still on a great run but my number of hands has dropped.  Only up to 2308 hands through today and I will need to play hard if I plan to get in 5000 hands this month, as I had hoped.  Profits are still great as I have moved thru 50nl into 100nl and I won a short session before my connectivity issues hit me again.

Profits are at $405.10 for the month with $198.60 at 25nl...$178.69 at 50nl and $27.81 at 100nl in 66 hands.  Also, I'm winning at every position on the table... BB, SB, UTG, HJ, CO & Button.  

Still playing in the local NL game and have won about $1000 over the last two weeks.  Had been on a cold streak and stuck about $500 over the last 3 months or so.

Til next time...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Connectivity TILT!

Still having positive results for January as my profits are up to $251.97 for the first 12 days in 1721 hands.  I have played my last 4 sessions at 50 nl with good results...profit $53.37 in 637 hands.

My biggest issue recently has been my keeps going in and out and a few times as I have been in some pots and timed out or had big PF hands and time out.  Really hard to play win you are on tilt from your internet service.  I may need to fire up the PC again and play with a hard-wired connection.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Heater during the winter months...

It was ZERO degrees this morning when I woke up but Poker has been on a heater over the last week with profits of $198.60 in 1084 hands or 73.28 BB/100 hands.  A rate that can't continue but I hope it does.  I am finally making money on the BUTTON where I should be making the highest profit percentage...but considering the low number of hands I have in total, this will work itself out in the long run.


I'm ahead $240.34 since November 1st, but I didn't play much in November.  Also cleared $15 of my 1st deposit bonus.

                                                       November - January

Profits and other stats by POSITION...


  • Button - $5.5                      39/32
  • CutOff - $96.12                 26/23
  • HiJack - $70.32                  19/18
  • UTG - $21.46                     16/15
  • BB - ($5.39) loss                27/6
  • SB - $52.26                        29/19
I wish I had my old PokerTracker stats from 2011 and prior.  I would my profit numbers looked much different in the blinds...probably a big loser in both positions.  

I think may take a few shots at 50nl and if all goes I will be able to make a permanent move up in stakes.

Monday, January 5, 2015

More to add Today

More results to add from today...Profit of $87.79 for month to date with $12 released from deposit bonus.

Online Update

A little update to my online.  Finished December with a poor run and ended with a profit of $32.83 in 2375 hands.



I have played 196 hands in January and have won $43.44 in that short period.  I need to play more hands in January than I did in December.  I'd like to double what I did last month and make a goal of 5000 hands.  That would be about 167 hands/day or an hour of playing 2 tables.  Looks easy on paper but it really can be difficult putting in the time.

With a win rate of 6bb per 100 hands that would mean a profit of $75 for the month.

I also released $11 of my deposit bonus from ACR...still need rakeback...

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Online poker results

I have played about 1900 hands on ACR over the last three weeks and shown a good profit.  $92.71

Through about 900 hands I was ahead about $120 so the I have back about $30 in the last 1000 hands but I was running way ahead of expectation.  I have made 19.09bb/100 hands which equates to winning 19.09 quarters every 100 hands I play, or $4.75 every 100 hands.  This way ahead of expectation too...6bb would acceptable or $1.50 every 100 hands.  Multi-tabling allows me to play 200-300 hands per hour.  I also need to figure out how to get my account hooked up to rakeback.

I have played between 2-4 tables in each session and hope to get up to 6 tables as my bankroll gets deeper.  From there we move up in stakes and hopefully keep the same win rate.