Thursday, January 22, 2015

Red Line Graph...Non-Showdown Winnings

Something I used to check back in my previous poker play ONLINE was my Non-showdown winnings...or as PokerTracker calls it...Red Line graph.  I was always negative in this category in the past and never really understood how to make a positive change to the graph.

Through my last 5000 hands I am just slightly profitable for my Red Line but all of the profits have come in the last 1000 hands.  Probably running above expectation but I hope to stay profitable or breakeven in the Red Line category.  My Showdown winnings are always very good and if I minimize or eliminate losses in non-showdown situations then I will be way ahead of the game.

Non-showdown winnings are situations where the winning hand doesn't have to be shown because yourself or the opponent didn't finish the hand through the river.   A few examples would be...

  • PF raise and getting no callers
  • PF Raise...get caller(s).  CBet after flop and get no callers
  • 3Bet a  PF raise and get no callers....etc.

I'll continue to watch this statistic as it will definitely lead to better profits for my game.  

My profits for the month of January are $493.02 through 2564 hands with a winrate of 49.43 BB/100 hands.  49.43 at 100nl is $49.43 per 100 hands and I have played 184 hands/hour this month for 13.9 hours. This winrate is not sustainable for a long period of time but it sure would be nice!  I hope to reach a total bankroll of $800 to $900 and take a few shots at 200nl.  Once I land firmly at 200nl I plan to stay there until my bankroll gets much deeper (prob 20-25 buyins - $4000-$5000)   There is a big difference between 200nl and 400nl...especially on ACR.

Total Online Bankroll ... $632.54


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